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We are delighted to share not only useful information, but also our passion that shapes our business. Here you will find interviews with our experts, live podcasts on Instagram and expert articles in top real estate magazines that showcase our expertise.

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Yana Kim - Founder & CEO

Deep understanding of the local market and excellent client relationships are important but so as active engagement in the media. I regularly participate in various podcasts and interviews, and share my knowledge with a wider audience. Why? Because I believe that media engagement is a crucial element in today's business world.

By being active in the media, I not only have the opportunity to share insights about the real estate market but also build trust and reputation as an industry expert.


Yana in the media

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Yana as a guest in a Podcast "Women in real estate and business" on Spotify

Magda Wysok & Yana Kim

For today's episode, Magda Wysok invited Yane Kim, who is half Ukrainian and half Korean. Yana runs her own real estate business in Poland. When she was 2 years old she moved with her family to Korea. Since then, Yana's parents, as she recalls, have worked hard building a life from scratch in another country. Yana's mom worked at several universities and her dad built his own business. Yana comments on starting a real estate business in a foreign country.

According to Yana Kim, her parents gave her the opportunity to look at a bigger picture, have respect for other cultures, to appreciate availability of choce and to invest in travelling and education instead of consumption. Despite the fact that she could have lived anywhere she chose Poland. Why?You will learn from our interview. We also talk about what is it like being a real estate agent in Poland. Yana also reveals where she sees herself and her company in 5 years.

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